Broker Registration Terms & Conditions


Please take the time to read the terms and conditions pertaining to a new Broker Registration listed below:


By my signature below or by pressing next I agree to the following terms and conditions:-

1) The information set out herein is true and correct.
2) Commission is paid on Friday for all funds received up to close of bussiness Wednesday.
3) Once you receive your access pin we require you to update progress daily.
4) Minimum targets are to be met each and every month.
5) Weekly reports are non negotiable and are to be mailed to
6) Should a marketer fail to produce minimum targets or fail to produce weekly reports
we will re-evaluate your position and if Risk Free Logistics needs to replace your
position you will forfeit all future monies from the suppliers and transporters that
you brought into the company.
7) You will be supplied bussiness card template and digital copy of presentation pack.
8) PAYE will be deducted from your commission weekly
9) All marketing and brokering expenses incurred are for the brokers account.
10) Your package will be reviewed once you have secured 10 clients.
11) You can pick up leads on the system to make contact with. You must source your own aswell
12) Once approved you will receive a letter of approval
14) You are to use company e-mail address at all times which will be supplied to you.
15) RFL do not lend funds to brokers, we are not registered to do so.
16) You will be requested from time to time to call on an exisitng clients to which you
will be compensated for.
17) Minimum target is 3 new clients per month for full time brokers and 1 for part time employees.
18) You are only allowed to sign up 3 transporters to 1 client.
19) Commission Structure:
Option 1: Brokers (Includes Marketing & Operations) - Clients GP 10%,
Transporters GP 10%
Option 2: Marketing (Client & Transporter Sign Ups Only) - Clients GP 5%,
Transporters GP 2%
Option 3: Operations (Servicing Existing Clients & Transporters) - Clients GP 5%,
Transporters GP 3% 
20) Sould you do any transport logistics outside of Risk Free or collect funds on your own
this will be deemed a criminal offence and a case will be opened against you.
21) In the case where its one brokers client and another brokers truck the broker whos client it is is responsible for ensuring load is deliverd successfully.
22) You may not under any circumstances receive money or documentation on behalf of Risk Free Logistics under any circumstances whatsoever.
22) You will receive a system generated statement each Friday updating you on loads done and pending commissions
23) Should one of your clients not make payment timeously or if there is an account querry you will receive an e-mail to which you are required to act on behalf of Risk Free immediately and attempt to resolve the issue. E-Mail request must be responded to withing 24 hours. This is an operations duty.
24) The system is designed to do most of the work for you but please keep in mind that the more you put in the more you will get out of Risk Free Logistics
25) You will receive your transporter registered funds the first Friday after funds are received from the debit orders.
26) You may not under any circumstances work with a client or transporter that is not approved and working on the system. Any and all losses incurred will be for your personal account.
27) Please ensure you fully understand that clients and transporters bellong to Risk Free Logistics and not you personally. If you choose to leave Risk Free Logistics or are dismissed for any reason whatsoever you are restricted from working with those clients and transporters for 1 year after termination date.
28) Your restraint of trade is within reason that you only restricted from clients on our system and not from the industry as a whole and only for a period of 1 year.
29) You are entitled to 21 days leave per year
30) Due to the nature of the bussiness after hours follow up may be required from time to time
31) If any debit order is unpaid, your commission will be reversed.
32) Your clients and transporters may sign up manually by e-mailing documentation to



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